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Banner History

Industrias Iname began its operations in the 70s driven by the Yoldi brothers. The company primarily produced small batches of parts machined with lathes and splitting pipe. Soon the demand increased considerably thus resulting in an increase in equipment an employees, and new contracts with the former Cheswick (today Emcon Technologies) and Eaton (today Dana Equipamientos Industriales) companies, and others, which provided stability to Industrias INAME and driving it to renew itself, as required by the daily activities.

With the arrival of the first numerical control lathes at the end of the eighties, and with the lack of knowledge in the use of new technologies (Computerized Numerical Control), Industrias Iname made contact with a professional trained in CNC, Mr. Zaratiegui who, in association with Mr. Garayoa and the Yoldi brothers, created Mecaprena in 1989. Since then the two companies have joined forces and carry out their work synergistically, thus maximising their resources. New contracts (TRW Automotive, Mtorres, Gamesa Wind, etc.) result in the expansion of both companies and resulting in the increase of both personnel and machinery.

The business development of the two companies has occurred naturally and in stages, thanks to the tenacity and skill of its managers and workers.